Performing with Ensemble Allegria

  1. Ewazen: Concerto for Trumpet and Strings
  2. Wallin: Elegi
  3. MacMillan: Seraph
  4. Arutiunian: Elegy for Trumpet and Strings
  5. Poulenc: Les chemins de l’amour
  6. Grieg: Nordic Melodies Op. 63: Cow-Call, Dance
  7. Satie: Je te veux
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Magical Memories

Performing with Kåre Nordstoga, organ

This is a very personal album to me. Whilst I was growing up my mother also played the trumpet, and many of these pieces are works that I listened to laying on the floor next to the organ whilst she was at rehearsals. She took me from when I was 6 weeks old! Other tracks are just lovely melodies and songs that people often use on special occasions: happy or sad. So, the album is filled with my musical memories and my hope is that it will bring musical memories to the listeners as well.” – Tine Thing Helseth

Available May 28, 2021

  1. Charpentier Prelude from Te Deum
  2. Traditional Bruremarsj fra Østerdalen + improvisation
  3. JS Bach Adagio from Concerto in C minor
  4. Nils Ferlin, Leif Strand arr Jarle Storløkken Men går jag öer engarna
  5. Sigurjónsson arr. Jarle Storløkken Sofðu unga ástin mín
  6. Grieg Ved Rondane, Op. 33 No. 9
  7. Telemann From Heldenmusik TWV 50:31-42 I. Die Würde – La Majesté
  8. Telemann From Heldenmusik TWV 50:31-42: II. Die Anmut – La Grâce
  9. Telemann From Heldenmusik TWV 50:31-42: III. Die Tapferkeit – La Vaillance
  10. Traditional Bruremarsj fra Sørfold + improvisation
  11. Traditional arr. Jarle Storløkken Shenandoah
  12. Mouret Rondeau from Fanfares et Simphonies
  13. Lindberg Gammal Fäbodpsalm från Dalarna
  14. Mendelssohn Auf Flügeln des Gesanges, Op. 34 No. 2
  15. Sommerfeldt Elergy for Trumpet and Organ Op. 27
  16. Sjöberg Den första gång jag såg dig + improvisation
  17. Grieg Våren – The Last Spring Op. 33 No. 2
  18. Clarke From Suite in D major I. Prelude, The Duke of Gloster’s March
  19. Clarke From Suite in D major II. Minuet
  20. Clarke From Suite in D major III. Sybelle
  21. Clarke From Suite in D major IV. Rondeau, The Prince of Denmark’s March (“Trumpet Voluntary”)
  22. Per-Erik Moraeus arr. Jarle Storløkken Koppången
  23. Henning Sommerro arr. Kåre Nordstoga Vårsøg
  24. Grieg Solveigs Vuggevise from Peer Gynt Op. 23 No. 2
  25. Purcell Trumpet Tune in C major
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Bent Sørensen: Concertos

Performing with Norwegian Chamber Orchestra; Per Kristian Skalstad, conductor

Bent Sørensens (b. 1958) distinctive music thrives on the intangible, from atmospheres and feelings to memories and dreams. This recording assembles three recent concertos from the GrawemeyerAward-winning composer performed by distinguished Nordic soloists, beginning with a second piano concerto played by its dedicatee and inspiration, Leif Ove Andsnes. Sørensensclarinet concerto for Martin Fröstis inspired by the scents of Spanish poetry, while his trumpet concerto for Tine Thing Helsethfeeds of his constant obsession with the beauty and vulnerability of Venice. Each is highly evocative and filled with Sørensens own etched beauty.
Sørensen, B: Trumpet Concerto


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Never going back

Performing with Mathias Eick, Jarle G. Storløkken, Gunnar Flagstad, Aksel Jensen, Olaf Olsen, Jan Martin Smørdal, Oslo Strings, Martin Hagfors

A creative process

“All the songs on my new album are from the same period in my life. They are all about the same. The experiences have the same feelings, colors, thoughts, descriptions. It’s as if they’re all connected, and they all try to describe the same – but in different ways. Therefore, are the songs and sounds in the same landscape. They simply belong in the same world. Never Going Back is to me a great description of this specific time which has been, and which I will not return to” – Tine Thing Helseth.

The road to this album has been a creative process that was launched by a hugh lust and need to create something. It started with a couple of songs, and then it just kept coming. The songs on the album are written by Tine herself, some of them in collaboration with Jarle Storløkken.

New experience in the studio

It was a brand new experience for Tine to be in a recording studio with her own songs and her own band, and something completely different from the classical albums she has previously recorded.

”It has been amazing to be in the studio with these brilliant musicians. I love the feeling that they each put their own stamp on my music and hear how they perceive and understand it. The collaboration with Mathias has been magical. We soon understood each other. He understood my thoughts and wishes. Then he took it forward and gave so much to what has now become the identity of the record. We fell in love in the same sounds and went in the same direction”.

1. Never Going Back
2. Conversations
3. All the places I’ve cried
4. Because they can
5. You
6. I am safe
7. All that I know
8. Free
9. Unspeakable
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Variations over Variations

Performing with Norwegian Radio Orchestra; Miguel Harth-Bedoya, conductor

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, featuring soloist star trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth, with brand new Norwegian music! Alfred Janson, Knut Vaage, Maja Ratkje and Jan Erik Mikalsen have written for the orchestra, including a brand new trumpet concerto. Variations over Variations presents four Norwegian composers and their works, performed and commissioned by The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, under their Chief Conductor, the Grammy-nominated and Emmy Award-winner Miguel Harth-Bedoya.

Variations over Variations is a great snapshot of contemporary Norwegian orchestral music. The four works enters into a dialogue with existing music and a music history that binds them together, in very different ways. Some places musical quotes open up a door to the Norwegian, other places it re-contextualises the idea of a national music. Tine is featured on the title track in Janson’s trumpet concerto ‘Variations over variations on a Norwegian folk tune’, a variation over Edvard Grieg’s ‘Ballad in G minor’. Ratkje’s ‘Paragraf 112’ expands the orchestra’s ordinary timbre and establishes a vulnerable openness which later turns darker and more dangerous. Mikalsen’s folk-inspired ‘Songr’ moves between grand orchestral roars and fragile chords, while Vaage’s ‘Mylder’ could be described as a symphonic internet where the surface seems strangely familiar.

1. Janson, A: Variations over variations over a Norwegian folk tune

Mikalsen: Songr for Orchestra
2. I. Movement
3. II. Movement
4. III. Movement

5. Vaage: Mylder
6. Ratkje: Paragraf 112

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Performing with Kathryn Stott, piano

A recital disc which solidifies Tine’s place in the core classical world, whilst at the same time maintaining those key elements from “Storyteller” – interest, variety, approachability, whilst showcasing her talents, and incorporating plenty of repertoire that she can tour with.
1. Ibert: Impromptu for Trumpet & Piano
2. Glazunov: Albumblatt
3. Enescu: Légende
4. Bull, E H: Perpetuum Mobile

5. Storiella d’amore
6. Sole e amore
7. E l’uccellino
8. Canto d’anime
9. Avanti Urania

Sommerfeldt: Divertimento for solo trumpet, Op.21 (1970)
11. Allegro
12. Larghetto
13. Allegro con brio

Falla: 7 canciones populares españolas (7 Popular Spanish Songs)
14. I El Paño Moruno (The Moorish cloth)
15. II Seguidilla Muricana
16. III Asturiana
17. IV Jota
18. V Nana
19. VI Canción
20. VII Polo

Hindemith: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano
21. I Mit Kraft
22. II Mässig Bewegt
23. III Trauermusik Sehr Langsam

24. Rachmaninov: Vocalise
25. Fritz Kreisler: Marche miniature viennoise
26. Kreisler: Toy Soldiers March

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Petr Eben: Landscapes of Patmos

Performing with Gunther Rost, organ

Petr Eben (* January 22, 1929 in Žamberk; † October 24, 2007 in Prague) is considered to be one of the Czech Republic‘s leading contemporary composers. His organ compositions explore new territory in regard to playing techniques, sound and subject matter. His goal is to convey a message to listeners, e.g. through commentaries or – as in his Second Organ Concerto – by prefixing his scores with a motto. Formal clarity and understandability are a „must“ for him. His music is characterized by free tonality that always includes tonal sections.

Gunther Rost was able to win two prominent guest musicians for this CD: Tine Ting Helseth (trumpet) and Babette Haag (percussion).

Eben: Okna (Windows)
1. I. Rueben, the blue window
2. II. Isachar, the green window
3. III. Zebulon, the blood-red window
4. IV. Levi, the golden window
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Performing with tenThing Brass Ensemble

1. Bizet: Carmen: Prelude – les Toreadors – Habanera – Danse Boheme – Chanson du Toreador
2. Albéniz: Suite Española: Asturias
3. Piazzólla: Invierno Porteño

Weill, K: Suite from Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera)
4. 1. Overture
5. 2. Moritat of Mack the Knife
6. 3. Instead-Of-Song
7. 4. Ballad of the Easy Life
8. 5. Polly’s Song
9. 6. Tango-Ballad
10. 7. Cannon Song

11. Grieg: Bestemors Menuet Op.68 No.2 (Grandmother’s Minuet)
12. Grieg: Gjendines bådnlåt Op.66 No.19 (Gjendine’s Lullaby)
13. Grieg: Troldtog Op.54 No.3 (March of the Dwarfs)

Piazzólla: Verano Porteño
14. 1. Allegro
15. 2. Larghetto
16. 3. Rondo

17. Mozart: Piano Sonata No.11 K.331: III. Rondo Alla Turca
18. Koetsier: Grassauer Zwiefacher Op.105 No.3 (folksong)

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Performing with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra; Eivind Aadland, conductor; Jonathan Aausgaard, cello

An innovative debut recording from EMI’s new signing, Tine Thing Helseth, in which Tine takes on the mantle of story teller through her interpretation and repertoire curation.

This collection of songs transcribed for trumpet includes music by Strauss, Sibelius, Ravel, Canteloube and Weill, and is anchored by Grieg’s Haugtussa song-cycle. The recording is with orchestra and piano accompaniment.

Tine is 23 with a refreshingly focused and straightforward approach to making music. She is a unique artist with several facets – classical soloist, ensemble leader and jazz musician – and equally at home with each.

Tine Thing Helseth, born in 1987, started to play trumpet at the age of 7, and is already one of the leading trumpet soloists of her generation. Already in her solo career, Helseth has appeared with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Ulster Orchestra, Philharmonie Baden-Baden, all the major Norwegian orchestras and further afield with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, amongst others.

1. Rachmaninov: How fair this spot, Op. 21 No. 7
2. Dvořák: Songs My Mother Taught Me, Op. 55 No. 4
3. Delibes: Les filles de Cadix
4. Sibelius: Våren flyktar hastigt, Op. 13 No. 4 (Text: Runeberg)
5. Sibelius: Soluppgång, Op. 37 No. 3 (Text: Tor Hedberg)
6. Sibelius: Var det en dröm? Op. 37 No. 4 (J.J. Wecksell)
7. Strauss, R: Wiegenlied, Op. 41 No. 1
8. Mahler: Wer hat dies liedel erdacht?
9. Korngold: Marietta’s Lied (from ‘Die tote Stadt’)

Grieg: Das Kind der Berge Op 67 (The Mountain Maid)
10. Lockung (Allurement)
11. Das Kind der Berge (The Mountain Maid)
12. In den Heidelbeeren (Among the Bilberries)
13. Stelldichein (The Tryst)
14. Liebe (Love)
15. Zickeltanz (Kid-Dance)
16. Ein böser Tag (An Evil Day)
17. Am Bergbach (The Mountain Brook)

18. Cano, J M: ‘Epílogo’ noche de luna
19. Saint-Saëns: Mon cœur s’ouvre à ta voix (from Samson et Dalila)
20. Canteloube: La pastoura al camps (from Chants d’Auvergne No.1)
21. Canteloube: Malurous Qu’o uno Fenno (from Chants d’Auvergne Series 3 no 5)
22. Weill, K: Je ne t’aime pas (text: Maurice Magre)

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A Tribute to the Northern Winds

Performing with The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Ole Kristian Ruud

The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces is one of the most highly regarded military orchestras on the international scene. On this new album entilted “A Tribute to the Northern Winds” the band performs a collection of pieces by Scandinavian composers. It includes a trumpet concerto by Jukka Linkola which features the critically-acclaimed young soloist Tine Thing Helseth, as well as music by Sallinen, Hovland, Alfvén, Thommessen, and Schmidt.

In recent years the trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth has become one of the most sought after instrumental soloists in Europe, following her previous CDs for Simax, and . This winter she gave her debut recital in Carnegie Hall. On this new album she joins the Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces in a performance of the Trumpet Concerto No. 2 by composer and jazz pianist Jukka Linkola. The music is playful and virtuosic, and is strongly influenced by the blues.

Renowned Finnish composer Aulis Sallinen incorporates his nation’s passion for the tango in a piece entitled ‘The Palace Rhapsody’. ‘Stabsarabesque’ was written for the Staff Band in 1974 by Norwegian composer Olav Anton Thommessen and has become one of his breakthrough pieces. Egil Hovland was also born in Norway and his ‘Fanfare and Choral’ is well known both in the version for symphony orchestra and in this original version for wind band. Hugo Alfvén is one of the most influential Swedish composers, and his Festival Overture is an elegant and heartfelt declaration of his love for the folk music of his homeland. Olé Schmidt was born in Denmark and is best-known for his work as a conductor. His ‘Homage à Stravinsky’ is a short three-movement piece written in 1985.

1. Hovland: Fanfare and Choral
2. Sallinen: The Palace Rhapsody

Linkola: Trumpet Concerto No. 2
3. I Cantando
4. II Ballade, moderato
5. III Ritmico

Schmidt, O: Hommage à Stravinsky
6. I
7. II
8. III

9. Alfvén: Festival Overture Op. 26
10. Hovland: Festival Overture, Op. 39
11. Thommessen: Stabsarabesque

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My Heart is Ever Present / Mitt hjerte alltid vanker

The wonderful Christmas tunes

The idea for this release relates back to Tine’s very first public performance as a trumpet soloist. Only 10 years old she stepped in for her mother at a local church concert, performing O Holy Night. And her fascination for this repertoire has grown over the years. In Tine’s own words: “The Christmas songs and chorals have such simple melodic lines, making it possible to express wide emotional spectrum. The arching of simple beautiful melodies is one of my greatest pleasures as a soloist, because it demands such attention to detail.”

Tine’s dream project is a sublime classical Christmas album

«My Heart is Ever Present», is nothing less than Tine’s dream project. Again she teams up with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, lead by Elise Båtnes. Isa Katharina Gericke joins in for thrilling versions of Handle’s two showpieces for soprano, trumpet and orchestra, plus the archaic I know a Castle in Heavens High. And among the all time classics of Bach/Gounod, Holst, Reger and others, Tine also presents a beautiful piece she has written herself: Angels dance.


Where other trumpeters seem to be rated as more or less successful athletes, Tine Thing Helseth (1987) really puts the music first. Her stunning timbre and articulation – the sheer musicality of Tine – reaches the listener immediately. Since her breakthrough in 2006 with the Eurovision Young Musician Finale, her development has just continued. In 2009 she was made a Borletti-Buitoni Fellow, and her diary is filled with concert dates all over the world through 2010.

1. Holst: In the Bleak Mid-winter (Cranham)
2. trad.: Et lite barn så lystelig
3. trad.: Mitt hjerte alltid vanker
4. Reger: Mariä Wiegenlied, Op. 76 No. 52
5. Smart: Angels from the Realms of Glory
6. Excerpt, Handel: Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne, HWV74
7. Torelli: Sinfonia In D, G.8
8. Bach, J S: Ave Maria
9. Helseth: Engledans
10. trad.: Kirken den er et gammelt hus
11. Handel: ‘Let The Bright Seraphim’ fra Samson
12. Nils Larsen: Hymne
13. trad.: Ingen vinner frem til den evige ro
14. trad.: Eg veit i himmelrik ei borg
15. Adam: O, helga natt
16. Johannes Klotz: In Dulci Jubilo
17. trad.: Deilig er Jorden
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Haydn / Albinoni / Neruda / Hummel

Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

Tine Thing Helseth was born the year Simax released the debut-album of Truls Mørk. At 20, Tine is the foremost of a new generation in the strong tradition of Norwegian performers, which also can boast such names as Ole Edvard Antonsen and Leif Ove Andsnes. Quite frankly; you’ll just have to sit down and listen to this recording.

The classic trumpet concertos – at 20!

Tine Thing Helseth performs these concertos with a natural spontaneity and a unique quality of sound. She interprets Haydn’s trumpet concerto – the very icon among them – with authority and a phenomenal variation of colour in her sound. Not only does Tine make it her own, together with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra she presents a reading that sets a new standard for this concerto. The performances are all captured in transparent and brilliant SACD sound in Jar church, Oslo.

Tine Thing Helseth

Born in 1987, Tine belongs to a new generation of Norwegian soloists and indeed a new generation of brass soloists all together, – perhaps more influenced by the idiom of string players and singers than what used to be the case. Tine’s approach to music is refreshingly focused and straightforward – with an extra touch of artistic magic that reaches everyone who hears her playing. Studies with Arnulf Naur Nilsen (Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra) has further strengthened her natural abilities as a performer and communicator. At the age of 20 Tine Thing Helseth has the best reason in the world for playing and recording these concertos: She makes wonderful music!

Haydn: Trumpet Concerto in E flat major, Hob. VIIe
1. 1st movement
2. 2nd movement
3. 3rd movement

Albinoni: Concerto In B Flat, Op 7 No.3
4. I. Allegro
5. II. Adagio
6. III. Allegro

Neruda, J B G: Trumpet Concerto In E Flat
7. I. Allegro
8. II. largo
9. III. Vivace

Hummel, J: Trumpet Concerto In E Flat
10. I. Allegro Con Spirito
11. II. Andante
12. III. Rondo

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