The Tine Thing Helseth Quintet, known as TTHQ, formed as a jazz/tango fusion ensemble in 2010. The line up of the all Norwegian band consists of Tine on trumpet accompanied by guitar, double bass, drums and piano. TTHQ’s musical philosophy is that they only play music they like – it can be anything from a Piazzolla Tango or an Irish folksong, to cabaret songs or Kurt Weill compositions. With this as the only limitation their concerts regularly consist of a rather eclectic mix of exciting and enjoyable music, both to listen to and also to perform.

Tine Thing Helseth leads the group and is the only member with a classical background. Gunnar Flagstad (piano), Aksel Jensen (double bass), Erik K. Joekling (drums), and Jarle G. Storløkken (guitar and the group’s arranger) all come from the jazz world. The collaboration between the members results in them ‘meeting in the middle’ with repertoire choices and, most importantly, having fun.

TTHQ perform regularly as a group in their home country of Norway. They made their first visit to the UK in April 2012 to perform at London’s Limelight in the world famous jazz venue, the 100 Club. TTHQ recently performed at the Chester Festival and return to the UK to give a concert at the Walled City Music Festival, Derry, N. Ireland.


  • Tine Thing Helseth (trumpet)
  • Jarle G. Storløkken (guitar)
  • Gunnar Flagstad (piano)
  • Aksel Jensen (double bass)
  • Erik K. Joekling (drums)

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